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SYNCLING is here to get your work done very easily just speak we’ll convert it into text or if you don’t want to read anything just copy and paste your text and sit back relax and listen all the text you want to read.

* SYNCLING supports 37 different languages.

* Very powerful app for daily purpose use.

* You can import txt file or rtf file from your iPhone to convert it into text.

* You can copy paste text in the app and we will convert into speech.

* You can copy paste text in 37 different languages just choose language you want to listen your text and paste your text.

* Don’t want to write long texts, don’t worry choose language you want your text and speak we’ll convert it into text.

* You can share or copy your speech text anytime you want.

* Very easy to use and beautiful design.

* Free to download and no internet connection required for text to speech or speech to text.



Got stuck in design and idea of resume making ? Don’t worry “OpportunityPath” is now available on app store.

* In this app you can create and share your resume within a minute to your contacts.

* You can share your resume in pdf format.

* You’ll get tips for writing contents for your resume.

* You don’t have to worry about design just write your contents and rest of the things will be done by “OpportunityPath”.

* You can preview your resume at any time while writing your contents.

* Customisable designs like add bullets or numbers.

* This app is free to download and no internet connection required.

* Very beautiful and simple design.

* Share Your resume or mail it in pdf format or you can save it in your iPhone also.


“Photevo” is Very Powerful and simple App for photo enhancements within a second.

* In this app you can select photo from camera and photo library for photo enhancements.

* Very simple UI, beautiful design and easy to use.

*This app does not require internet connection and free to download.

*Capture photo from camera and apply filters instantly and apply background images from large category of beautiful background images.

* You can save edited image to photo library or can share it with anyone.

*You can directly upload your edited image to Facebook status.

Spinn Decider

* Help you to decide just spin !

* Hard to decide ? and don’t know what to choose? Put

anything you want on the SpinnDecider and make unique options pickers.

* Spin and play with your friends, family and colleagues.

* The SpinnDecider helps you to choose among the various options available.

* You can write from 2 to 6 options SpinnDecider use them whenever you want.

* It’s free, Just type your options and spin the decider.

* Very easy to use and beautiful design.

* This app does not require internet connection.

* Share this app with your friend and family using the share button.


App Features –

* Hearing feature for poems , jokes and quotes.

* No internet required and free to download.

* Share poems, jokes and quotes to your friend directly from the app.

* You can copy the poems, jokes and quotes and can paste anywhere in your iPhone.

* Very beautiful design and easy to use.

* Various categories of poems, jokes and quotes.

* You can send good morning and good night wishes to your friend and family.

* You can share jokes among various categories like – office jokes, college jokes.

* You can read poems, jokes, quotes as well as hear them also.